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A Garden dream - Award-Winning 2D Animation Short Film

Category: 2D Animation

Story: A happy-go-lucky kid goes on the rampage in a park as he litters the place with snack food wrappers after binging on them by the dozens. He does so, unmindfull of the fact that trees and greenery are also living beings like us and that we must not hurt their feelings with litter.

The trees around are furious at the kid’s insensitiveness and gang up to teach him a lesson. They pool up all the litter, surround the kid, wring him up and shower him with the dirty heap of wrappers. The kid wakes up to the shock realizing that it’s just a dream. Nevertheless, he realizes that one must observe cleanliness and respect nature.

The Creative Team

Aarti. R, Nilesh Mhaisne and Tushar Sule

Website: www.agardendream.com

The Glory

Special Campus Prize at the Short Film Festival of Vijayawada


Student Short Film category at the prestigious FICCI-FRAMES BAF Awards, International Film Festival, Mumbai, India.
CTSF Awards, Chennai, India.
AAROHI Film Festival, Mumbai, India.
CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife Film Festival, New Delhi, India.
Gateway awards, Anna University Chennai, India.
International Film Festival, Nagpur, India.
Student Animation Film, Character Designing, Story and Poster categories at Kolkatha, The Animation Society of Kolkata (TASK)