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Cecelia - The Balcony Girl - Award-Winning 3D Animation Short Film

Category: 3D Animation

Story: Carried away by the heart-twisting beauty of a girl next door, a lazy, flirtatious youngster tries to impress her with a show of strength. In his macho attempt, he actually bites off more than he can chew. Facing an embarrassing situation with the girl, he struggles hard and makes a valiant attempt to preserve his honour. The effort is so intense that he drifts into a trance and lo!, the magical power of love, helps him pull off a big feat. Once he's of out of his trance, trepidation sneaks through his knickers as he's greeted to a double whammy! How it happens and what ensues forms the rest of the story.

The Making

Ideation to completion 90 days (Layout to Animation - 20 days)
Software deployed Maya 2009, Foundry Nuke and Photoshop.
Website: www.balconygirl.in

The Glory

2nd Prize at 4th Cinema Today Short Film Awards, Chennai
Cecelia – The Balcony Girl won the 2nd prize in the Student category (Best Animation Short) at the 4th India International Cinema Today Short Film Awards held at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. For more on the festival click here