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Fuel Duel - Award-Winning 2D Animation Short Film

Category: 2D Animation

Story: Life on earth (as in real) begins with blooming flora and the arrival of the homosapien. Over time, the homosapien progressively evolves into an ape-man and a civilized human being who initially uses a domesticated horse to travel.

Empowered by human invention, he arrogantly ditches the horse for a motorized, fuel-powered two-wheeler for faster travel. He soon graduates to 4-wheel, multi wheel (read train) and air travel. These vehicles are all fuel-intensive and quickly deplete the earth’s fuel reserves. With fuel reserves on earth completely exhausted, life is back to square one as man helplessly reverts to the horse for travel.

Unfortunately, the horse doesn’t play game and refuses to be his vehicle. Apart from the core message of environment conservation, the students have managed to layer the storyline with another important moral in life, which is – “Be nice to people on your way up. You may meet them on your way down”.

The Creative Team

Arush M.S., Bhuvan Chandra, Jagdish Kumar B, Arun Kumar Kolli

Website: www.fuelduel.net

The Glory

Special Campus Prize at the Short Film Festival of Vijayawada, India.
Special Jury Award in the Asian Panorama Category at the 16th International Children's Film Festival, Hyderabad, India.
1st prize in Animation category, Gateway Awards, Anna University, Chennai, India.
Best animation film award at IAD organized by 'ASIFA India' - Hyderabad, India.


CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife Film Festival, New Delhi, India
AAROHI Film Festival, Mumbai, India.
Kolkatha09 Awards, TASK, Kolkata, India.