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The Farmer And His Goat - Award-Winning 2D Animation Short Film

Category: 2D Animation

Story: There lives a poor farmer and his family in a village. In order to appease Goddess Kali and invoke her blessings, the farmer intends to sacrifice his goat by beheading it as per ritualistic practices. As the farmer approaches the goat, its mother, naturally concerned, tries to stop him from taking it away.

The farmer ties the mother to a pole and takes her baby goat away for sacrifice. On the way, while resting under a tree, the farmer has a dream in which the goat ties him and his wife up and approaches menacingly, knife in hand, to sacrifice his child. The farmer wakes up to the rude shock and is relieved to see his wife and son sleeping peacefully. Learning that this was only a dream, he heaves a sigh of relief.

Realization dawns upon him and he now empathizes with the goat and its baby. He understands that the goat would be as concerned about her baby as he is about his child and decides against sacrificing the baby goat. Enlightened by the dream and filled with compassion, the farmer goes home and reunites the baby goat with her mother as they comfort and caress each other in joy.

The Creative Team

Govind Rajewar, Sachin Punde and Parag Warade

Website: www.thefarmerandhisgoat.com

The Glory

The Golden Camera Award (Dadasaheb Phalke Janmabhumi Puraskar) for Best Animation Film at the 3rd Nashik International Film Festival
1st Runner-up in the National Student Competition Category at Chitrakatha International Student Animation Film Festival organized by The National Institute of Design (NID)
1st prize in the Animation Short Film category at the 1st Cinema Today Short Film (CTSF) Awards held at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
1st prize - Image Today Short Film Awards, Chennai, India
2nd prize - Bhumika Film Festival, Mumbai, India
Best Public Service short film at IAD organized by ASIFA India - Hyderabad, India


CMS International Children’s Film Festival, Lucknow, India
AAROHI Film Festival, Mumbai, India
CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife Film Festival, New Delhi, India
Anifest India Viewer's Choice Award, TASI, Mumbai, India
Gateway Awards, Anna University Chennai, India
International Film Festival, Nagpur, India