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Trashhed - Award-Winning 2D Animation Short Film

Category: 2D Animation

Story: An empty trash bin (Beenu) on a littered street laments about the slapdash manner in which waste is being disposed: thrown all around the bin but never in the bin. The bin is dejected about having a job and yet unable to fulfill its duty of keeping its surroundings clean.

Nevertheless, the bin is dedicated to its job and goes out of its way to improve the sanitary conditions on the street. Immobilized by a static base, it tries in vain to snatch bits of trash strewn beyond its reach on the street by stretching its arms. Undeterred, it even improvises by shooting its tongue, a´ la a frog at the trash, only to hurt itself.

Several failed attempts later, furious with the way trash is not being assigned to its rightful place and vexed at its helplessness in maintaining cleanliness, the bin hurts itself in a fit of rage. And when the bin finally does find some trash within its reach, it ironically turns out to be a giant bag (Big Bag Jr.) of filth that’s large enough to gobble the bin itself.

The Creative Team

Pranay Bura, Ravi kiran Reddy CH, Srinivas Reddy B and Varun Kumar M

Website: www.trashhed.com

The Glory

'Silver Krishnaveni Award' for 'Best Short Film' at the Short Film Festival of Vijayawada, India.
1st Prize, International Film Festival, Nagpur, India.


AAROHI Film Festival, Mumbai, India
Nominated in the Children's Film Category at the 16th International Children's Film Festival held at Hyderabad, India.